A smile appeared on the screen; a d

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A smile appeared on the screen; a d

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A smile appeared on the screen; a drop of tears shed tears; a loud applause was loud and powerful; ... looked at the short film "Looking for the most beautiful country teacher", my tears actually fell.a touching story. In a poor area, the teachers stood on the barren land, and they voluntarily taught in the harsh conditions of the children in the harsh conditions to teach and educate the children in the poor conditions. There are all kinds of teachers there, and they have disabled people Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, but they have to give classes to their children even if they break their hands Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. They have ordinary teachers, but even if they are ordinary, they have to take their wages out to their children; even if they usually take five years to open a mountain road for their children, even if it will make his hands full. Broken; even if they are usually rooted in the plateau, in the mountains for more than a decade, or even decades. children, the rural teachers are willing to pay for everything, care for them with both hands, open the window of the heart for them with love, and water their knowledge seedlings with sweat. They don't despise a dirty face, but they kiss it; they don't miss the city's superior conditions. They love the mountain because there are a group of children waiting for him in the mountains, waiting for him to grant knowledge.atching this short film, I cried, tears blurred my eyes. Close your eyes, one touching scene reappears, and the little heart is deeply moved. What is the power that keeps the village teachers in the mountains? Maybe it is a sense of responsibility, maybe a force of love... Country teachers are the most beautiful! Maybe they don't have beautiful and handsome faces, but their hearts are the most beautiful and beautiful. At this moment Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, I want to pick up my hands and applause on the video, applaud them with admiration and truth, and applaud them enthusiastically for these great people! Suddenly, there was a thought in front of me - I will also be a great person like this in the future! Looking at the smiling faces every day, smiling at them quietly, how good this is! But all this must not be so simple. You must know that Marlboro Lights, like those rural teachers, you must overcome many difficulties and must have a wshort night, I thought a lot. If there is such a teacher Wholesale Cigarettes, how good should I be! I can think about it �C I am so stupid, isn��t my teacher educating myself to give it wholeheartedly? When I am sick, the teacher always has to say the last greeting; when the heart is sad, the teacher will always enlighten me; whenever and wherever, the teacher is always around us, caring, caring and encouraging us, the teachers are always selflessly offering their own All, just to let us learn more, know more, let us be happy and happy.

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