The small river between the two ro

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The small river between the two ro

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The small river between the two rows of weeping willows in the village is the home of fish and shrimp, the land of ducks, and the playground for children.the summer of that year, I and a few friends followed my father to catch crabs in the river. Dad said, "Catch the crabs carefully and carefully. There is a little muddy rock in the shoal. When you open it, you can see a big one. Crab, then..." I didn't wait for Dad to finish, I turned over a rock and there was a big crab. "There is one here." With my shouts, my friends gathered around. I quickly reached out and grabbed the crab. I didn't expect the crab to pinch my fingers. It hurt me to cry. Dad ran over and saw that I didn't laugh. I cried and said, "Dad, you still laugh, help me get it done." But Dad said: "Small things, think of yourself." The bold Le Hao came to help, but he was also the other big one of the crabs. The cheeks caught the wow and cried. The partners laughed. I really wanted to laugh at the time, but I couldn��t help but say, "Don��t laugh, kill the crab quickly." Dad added: "Love small animals, can't kill it." At that time, don't mention how much I hate my father Marlboro Lights, shouting: "Dad, you don't hurt your daughter, just care about crabs, I don't care about you anymore Marlboro Cigarettes Online." The friends started to think of their brains, but the more they got hurt. I couldn't help but say: "Put it in the water, my hand may not be so painful." When we put our hands in the water, the crab immediately ran away. The partners cheered. Dad came over and looked at my hand and said, "Nothing, I will use my brain to find a way to praise it once." Then I told us about the techniques and techniques of catching crabs. With the help of Dad's encouragement, each of our friends caught the crab. the way home, we were happy to talk about catching crabs. The old grandfather who rushed the duck said: "Children are fun Cigarettes For Sale, the exam is sure to check the duck eggs." "You only score zero." "When you were a child, you must be a bad student Marlboro Cigarettes." "We replied to the old grandfather with a slap in the face." The old grandfather still laughed hahaha Newport Cigarettes.small river in the hometown, the clear, crystal clear river, in the colorful sunshine, with the spring, summer, autumn and winter, never stops flowing, and endlessly rushing to distant targets. What is left is my eternal happiness and infinite reverie.

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