Klopp unveils his reaction after Barcelona's loss to Roma

Ihr habt Probleme mit dem Spiel? Dann wird euch hier geholfen!
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Klopp unveils his reaction after Barcelona's loss to Roma

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แทง บอล sbobet While Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was celebrating his team’s qualification to the semi-finals after defeating Manchester City 2-1 in Manchester, Barcelona was having a disastrous night in Rome against Roma.

Both games were played at the same time, and Klopp was shocked when he heard about Barcelona’s แทง บอล sbobet loss in Rome. “I thought the Barcelona result was a joke; not because I don't respect Roma – they are a fantastic team – but it surprised me,” Klopp told reporters after the game.

Barcelona played the second leg of the quarter-finals in Rome with an advantage, as they won the first leg 4-1 in Barcelona. However, Roma players surprised everyone with a stunning comeback, winning 3-0 to reach the semi-finals and rule Barcelona out of the competition. Klopp added, “I thought that a Champions League final could be City-Barcelona, and now both are out."

The manager revealed his แทง บอล sbobet happiness with the victory over Man City, saying, “We are now in the semi-finals, and first of all, we should enjoy the moment, because it is obviously a while ago that Liverpool were in the semis.” This is the first time Liverpool has reached the semi-finals since 2008.

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