BOSTON (AP) — J.A. Happ seemed to be the perfect choice

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BOSTON (AP) — J.A. Happ seemed to be the perfect choice

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to start Game 1 of the AL Division Series for the New York Yankees in Boston.The veteran left-hander had excellent numbers against the Yankees’ biggest rivals Matt Szczur Jersey , and manager Aaron Boone was counting on him to neutralize a Red Sox lineup that produced some of the best offensive statistics in the majors this season.Happ went 1-1 with a 1.99 ERA in four starts versus the Red Sox this year and entered 8-4 with 2.98 ERA against them during his career.That was one reason the Yankees traded for him from Toronto in July and perhaps at least part of the reason why Boone held him back in favor of Luis Severino in the wild-card game Wednesday against Oakland.Instead, Happ put the Yankees in a big hole.He lasted just two-plus innings in Friday night’s 5-4 loss, giving up five runs and four hits, including a homer. That gave Boston’s beleaguered bullpen the cushion it needed to stave off New York’s late comeback attempt.“I’m certainly not going to make any excuses,” Happ said. “I just didn’t get it done. … I need to be sharper. If I get another opportunity, hopefully I will be.”After the third inning, the Yankees’ bullpen allowed just three hits and kept Boston scoreless the rest of the way.“J.A. obviously got in a little bit of trouble in that first inning, just not having his real airtight command that he usually has, especially with the fastball,” Boone said. “The ‘pen did a great job to allow us back in the game and give us a chance. And we almost caught them.”Happ’s troubles started at the outset.He struck out leadoff man Mookie Betts before giving up a single to Andrew Benintendi and a walk to Steve Pearce. J.D. Martinez laced a three-run homer that just cleared the top of the Green Monster in left field.Happ said getting behind 2-0 in the count to Martinez allowed him to jump on a good pitch.“I thought I threw it to the glove and he put a good swing on it,” the pitcher said.Happ retired Boston in order in the second before being removed in the third after Betts led off with a double off the Green Monster, followed by a bunt single from Benintendi. Both scored when reliever Chad Green allowed an RBI single to Steve Pearce and Xander Bogaerts‘ sacrifice fly.Happ was frustrated that he wasn’t able to provide more innings.“My execution wasn’t as high as it’s been,” he said. “That’s the reason I always stress trying to get strike one. I wasn’t very good at that tonight. The big hit cost me.”Yankees first baseman Luke Voit said despite Happ’s difficult night, his teammates still have faith in him going forward.“He made one bad pitch to one of the better hitters in baseball. It’s frustrating. But he knows he’s going to get another opportunity,” Voit said. “He still competes and he still did a good job. But sometimes bad things happen.” I know ... and-jersey , but hear me out"There are “multiple mystery teams” interested in Bryce Harper, according to a reporter who has spent the last several months finding new ways to say that the Phillies are probably going to sign Bryce Harper. That reporter is Jon Heyman, of course. And the “mystery teams” are probably made up by Harper’s agent as leverage, of course. And even if those mystery teams exist, the Indians aren’t one of them. Of course. But, hear me out: What if. What if Chris Antonetti and the rest of the Indians front office were repeatedly lambasted this offseason for unwillingness to spend money, only to hop out at the last second and nab the biggest free agent? What if that cheeky son of a gun really knew all along that the Indians were negotiating with Bryce Harper while he told the media that the Tribe were done spending? Honestly, it would make a whole lot more sense than just dumping Yan Gomes to free up salary, or trading away the rest of Edwin Encarnacion’s contract, plus Yandy Diaz, for Jake Bauers — a modest upgrade over Yandy Diaz. The Indians took advantage of a similarly caving free agent market two offseasons ago when they brought in Edwin Encarnacion on an extremely reasonable three-year, $60 million deal. It seems like nothing now, but he was easilythe biggest free agent the 2016-2017 offeseason, even before Yoenis Cespedes quickly took a deal to return to the New York Mets. The Indians didn’t balk at his looming 34th birthday and paired him with Carlos Santana to help the Tribe become one of the best teams in 2017. The stakes are much different with Bryce Harper, though. He’s not a 34-year-old first baseman about to hit the downturn of his career. Unlike Encarnacion Trevor Hoffman Jersey , Harper is going to either want a lengthy deal, or an overwhelming AAV to convince him not to be the next 10-year contract guy. Regardless of how slow the offseason has been, there is going to be competition for him. Even if that’s just the filthy rich Phillies or Nationals or Giants or whoever else is bidding on his services, the Indians wouldn’t go into this alone. It’s going to cost a hell of a lot more than $60 million. First, let’s look at why the Indians could potentially do something like this, despite previous protests from the front office. As of last April, according to Forbes, the Indians are valued at $1.05 billion, with an estimated operating income of $31 million — and that’s before they got rid of the Encarnacion and Gomes contracts. Keep that number in minds, it’s important. The current owners, Paul and Larry Dolan, purchased the Indians for $323 million in 2000, meaning they aren’t one of those owners who recently dumped a truckload of money for their team and are trying to get their head above water. They’ve owned the team for going on two decades now and have rarely operated in the red. option in 2020. That’s 39 percent of the money you owe Harper in the first two years gone already. Who cares what prospect(s) it is — you’re on the verge of signing Bryce Harper, you can deal with losing Nolan Jones. The other difficult aspect of this is selling it to Bryce himself. He may have already accepted that he won’t get the length he wants. He may have already accepted that he won’t get to play where he wants, but he’s probably not going to settle on both. Three years clearly isn’t the desired length Evan Longoria Jersey , and as much as I love Cleveland and the Indians I don’t think he ever envisioned himself with a Block C and chilling at Melt after the big game. To this point, the Indians haven’t been public suitors, either, meaning they probably haven’t had a big pitch to him to entice him. So allow me to do it for them. Even without Bryce, the Indians are projected by PECOTA to win 97 games as the second-best team in baseball. He’s virtually guaranteed a playoff spot all three years he’d be in Cleveland along with one of the best rotations in baseball, along with two of the best offensive teammates in Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez. He can spend all of the regular season hammering on horrid pitching staffs of the AL Central racking up those sweet ribbies, and be a hero in the postseason. Imagine the kind of legacy you build for yourself heading into the 2021-2022 offseason having been the guy that ended the league’s longest World Series drought? On top of that, the current CBA — you know, the one that put him in this position to begin with — expires in 2021. If he truly believes that things will be better on the other side of those negotiations, taking a three-year deal is perfect and makes him the first big-name free agent in the new open market. I’m not saying it’ll make sense, and I’m certainly not saying it’ll happen, but come on... Indians. Bryce. Just do it and be legends.

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