Berlusconi's new rules for Monza players: No beards or tattoos

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Berlusconi's new rules for Monza players: No beards or tattoos

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Adriano Galliani and Silvio Berlusconi's takeover of Italian Serie C1 A side Monza 1912 has been a rollercoaster ride, and with a new raft of rules they've arrived with force.sbo666The former Milan owner is looking to create something different to modern football, as he explained in an event for his political party, Forza Italia.Within those rules are bans for beards and tattoos, whilst players will also be offered free hair cuts by a hairdresser provided by the club."It will be a very young team and formed entirely sbo666of Italian players," he explained, before continuing with more rules."When they sign an autograph, they will do it with their name and surname, not scrawls."Every time they foul someone, they will apologise to their rival and treat the referee like a gentleman."Monza are currently third in the league, having won their past three games after opening day defeat sbo666

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