n the early spring of April, the grass grows

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n the early spring of April, the grass grows

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n the early spring of April, the grass grows, and on this sunny day, we came to the long-awaited Liuhe camp and participated in the 2011 spring tour.eard that the Liuhe camp is a paradise for us to exercise our courage and perseverance. A few days ago, the school organized all the students to go to the Liuhe camp. There, my courage and perseverance were exercised.morning, we came to the Liuhe camp with a happy mood. The camp is located on Shuangliu Island Marlboro Cigarettes, where the scenery is repaired. It is surrounded by water, dense green bamboo and beautiful scenery. During the two days of the Liuhe activities, I participated in the farmhouse, fishing, walking the maze... Many interesting activities, the most memorable of which was the boating activity.ollowed the teacher to the Xiaohe River. The tour guide cleared the throat and said, "The six classmates are a group, draw a boat, and the students put on life jackets and they can start." I put on my life jacket and carefully got on the boat Carton Of Cigarettes. . The ship is swaying and frightening. As soon as I sat down, I quickly padd up, and other students were desperately planning. In a short while, the boat is spinning around the lake, just not moving forward. The boat that looked at other classmates had already arrived near the stone bridge. We were like an ant on a hot pot, and we were so anxious to turn around. It��s weird. We��ve all worked hard, but can��t weenly, the classmates of another ship saw our dilemma and reminded them: "You must adjust the direction of the ship and control the frequency. This way the ship can move forward." At the nail, I suddenly realized and remembered the experience of boating. At this time, I shouted the slogan: "Everyone listened to the slogan that I said, one, two, one, two..." We tried to hold the boat and slogan with force, and soon we were far ahead. . We came to a more spacious place, the breeze gently touched our face, and the flowers smiled at us Cheap Cigarettes, making us happy. Finally, relying on our efforts and unity, we won the first place!ost thrilling thing is to take the bridge over the bridge. The bridge is made up of four iron locks, which really seems to fall. At this time, I am doing a fierce struggle in my heart. If I fall down, then I will not be laughed at by others. If I don��t, my classmates will say that I am incompetent...this moment, I saw that most of our male students went up. I bite my teeth and thought: "There is no doubt that I will definitely go out." On the bridge, I was still struggling, but after a while. I feel that my feet are like a lead. I can't lift it. The big drops of sweat ooze out of my head. My hands don't listen. I am afraid to stay like a wood man Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Staying there Marlboro Gold, I don��t know how to be good. I walked through the Chain Bridge one step at a time. It��s really amazing!
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n the early spring of April the grass grows

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Ich entschuldige mich, aber meiner Meinung nach lassen Sie den Fehler zu. Geben Sie wir werden es besprechen. Schreiben Sie mir in PM.

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